All in the Family

Family owned and operated for nearly 25 years.

Family Owned & Operated

Family owned and operated for nearly 25 years, brothers John and Paul Nunes are owners who will never cease to get their hands dirty, literally. With Paul manning the entire vineyard operation, right down to driving the harvester each season; to John welcoming each guest he meets with a smile; they have instilled a culture of passionate and entrepreneurial-minded team members who look forward to welcoming you soon.

John Nunes, Jr.

Owner, Vintner, Brewmaster

Hometown: Newport, RI

Career Journey: A URI graduate, I left Rhode Island for a career with Dun and Bradstreet, traveling through ME, NH, PA and Germany. It was in Germany that I earned my MBA and developed my passion for wine, a passion that would ultimately bring me right back to my roots on Aquidneck Island, the rest is history.

A Day in the Life: Early morning run with my dog Comet through the vineyard to check on things in the fields, then onto the winery. With this being such an exciting time at the winery much of my day is focused on business operations for the expansion.

Wine Tip: Pick the wine, then match the food.

When Not at the Vineyard You Can Find Me: Spending time in NH, skiing, fly fishing or hiking.

Favorite Place to Enjoy Newport Vineyards Wine: 4th Beach in Portsmouth with my wife Nancy, son Nathan and dog Comet.

You’d Never Guess: I have 52 first cousins. I am also a genius (some may challenge this) at wine trivia.

John Nunes - Newport Vineyards Owner
Paul Nunes - Vineyard Owner & Manager

Paul Nunes

Owner, Vineyard Manager

Hometown: Born and raised in Newport, RI

Career Journey: Farming, wine and real estate brokerage have been my life for the last 19 years. Prior to that I traveled extensively in Europe, North and South America, where I taught snowboarding and English to Chilean businessmen. I have also trekked extensively in the Alps and the Andes.

A Day in the Life: First thing, I check the weather report, then inspect the crop with my dog Tuukka, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Next, I get the vineyard crew going for the day, typically walk the winery, sometimes attend meetings, and occasionally field calls from my daughters asking me if they can drive the golf cart through the vineyard.

Outside the Vineyard I Enjoy: Spending time with my wife Linda, daughters Maizy and Maya and my dog Tuukka. Playing volleyball, tennis, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and enjoying good beer.

Favorite Place to Enjoy Newport Vineyards Wine: By my fire pit with my dog at my side listening to some reggae or bluegrass.

You’d Never Guess: I survived snowboarding in an avalanche in Switzerland and was nearly crushed by a boulder that fell from a cliff near Lake Tahoe. I can also hold a headstand for a long time.