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A Little Buzz About No Buzz

Taproot Brewery non-alcoholic beer in Middletown RI

We have been known for our wines, Taproot beers, and specialty beverages – and now we’ve added options for our guests looking to enjoy our creative drinks with vineyard views – without the buzz.

Our “mocktail” program has taken off, with new seasonal juice concoctions prepared weekly for flights (available Friday – Sunday) or by the glass (available during the week, too). As always, our ingredients are always fresh, and locally sourced. The introduction of the Vineyard Garden, our onsite culinary garden, has made locally sourcing our materials easier than ever. Watermelons, blueberries and lemon balm are just a tiny bite of the fresh picked, homegrown yield that makes its way into our brews, mock-tails and onto your plates.

Our onsite brewery, Taproot Brewing Co., has become the first Rhode Island brewery to release a non-alcoholic beer. Our Summertime Free, (.49 ABV) released in late July, embodies the same Belgian style wheat beer taste as our regular “Summertime” beer, only brewed without the alcohol. The process behind this is simple. While brewing a normal batch of Summertime, two barrels were separated out to experiment with. The difference is, the selected yeast is really bad at fermenting malt sugars, so it is only able to produce about 0.024% final gravity (the ratio of the density of the beer to the density of water). This number is then used to determine the ABV. Anything lower than 0.5% is considered N.A. and Summertime Free comes in at a slick 0.49%. After fermentation, SF was treated just like a normal beer; dry hopped using citra hops, and with a great touch of fresh local lemon balm. Our brewer, Kevin Beachem, is ecstatic to venture into the n.a. world and provide more options for our guests. Please see our current beer offerings on the Taproot page here, which includes new weekly releases! Stay tuned for our next non-alcoholic beer release, we have some ideas brewin’!

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