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Perry Farm

perryIn 1998, the Perry Farm on Route 138 next to the winery was acquired by Newport Vineyards for the establishment of a world-class, cool climate vineyard. The acquisition was through a partnership with the Aquidneck Land Trust, the State of Rhode Island Division of Agriculture and the Nunes family. 

The farm was originally settled as a large family estate by the Bryer family in 1860 (purchased from Hazard for $18,000). Many of the original Catalpa trees remain today. The Bryers were very active socially and utilized the farm to establish the Middletown Trotting Park for a half-mile horse racing track. A public dance hall for Newport’s wealthy was built by the Bryers in the 1870s and the farm is the original site of the Narragansett Gun Club. The Gun Club utilized live pigeons for targets that were supplied by Mr. Bryer but the practice was stopped as some objected so the Club converted the land to a golf course until around 1900. The old mansion eventually fell to pieces and was sold in 1910 to Aurel Batonye, a German. He lost the farm after the US Government claimed it as alien property during World War I. The property was later acquired by a Ervin Gomprey who rented and later sold it to the Perry family in the late 1930s. The property was farmed by the Perry’s who grew potatoes on the site until 1998.