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I hope this message finds you and your families healthy and well during this unprecedented time. Like so many, I have spent much of the last couple of months adjusting, candidly, often at times not seamlessly. Whether it be adjusting to your normal routine coming to an abrupt halt, re-working the dynamics of close living quarters, navigating the absence of childcare or school, learning how to connect via distance to loved ones, friends, classmates, colleagues – or all of the above and more. The little things that anchored us, that we came so accustomed to expecting, are now quite literally upside down or not there all together.

At the Vineyard we are missing it all, and all of you; the pouring of a glass, the serving of food that so much effort went into, the laughter of our guests, the sound of live music and hum of a crowd, watching our wedding couples walk down the isle, the smells of the vineyard – and oh the bakery team’s daily baked fresh bread! It is my hope, that on the other side of this all, we come out a little more connected, more content and more grateful for all. those. little. things.

So in the meantime, until we meet again (and we will soon!), we’ve put together a video little message (below) from us, to you. Of all the little things we look forward to when we come together again.

Be well, be safe, be happy,
Cassandra Earle, Director of Sales & Marketing

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