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Newport Vineyard Rosés Award winning wines

2022 was another year of gracious wins for our wine collection. This year the Newport Vineyard rosé collection was entered in both The Big E Fair’s wine competition, and the American Fine Wine The Rose’s Competition of 2022. We are happy to announce that all four Newport Vineyard rosés, Dry Rosé, Pinot Noir Rosé, White Merlot, and Great White Rosé, placed within their categories!

The Big E Fair, held during the month of September 2022, exhibited roughly 200 New England region specific entries, and The 2022 Rosé Competition held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on May 19th, featured 180 contending wines. Newport Vineyards is proud to have all of our rosé entries receive recognition among the large numbers. Our Dry Rose took home its second title in two years, taking home a silver medal in the Big E’s wine completion, and Bronze from the American Fine Wine’s International Rosé Competition. This rosé is fully dry with notes of bright red fruit, melon, citrus and rose petal!

Pinot Noir Rosé took home a GOLD Medal in the American Fine Wine’s International Rosé Competition! This rose is fully dry with very prominent and familiar fresh strawberry notes. A summer favorite, and popular in-house choice. Our underdog rosé, the semi-dry White Merlot, received its first award this year, taking home another silver medal from American Fine Wine’s International Rosé Competition. White Merlot is a highly versatile wine. A red grape treated as a white wine to create highly palatable cherry and raspberry notes that can pair with an array of foods.

Great White Rosé was the big winner, taking home three titles including Best Rhode Island Wine, and Best Rhode Island Grown wine from The Big E, and a Silver Medal from American Fine Wine’s International Rosé Competition. This is Newport Vineyards second release of the Great White Rosé, with a near identical blend as our top selling white wine; Riesling, Vidal Blanc, and Cayuga makes for a semi-sweet, tropical fruit forward flavor, with a touch of merlot added for a nice berry note, and to create that nice bright rosey pink color.

We have one last entry bringing in a little recognition, Our house Chardonnay, received its first award as well, taking home a bronze medal from The Big E’s wine competition.

Our winemaking team is delighted to welcome these awards to our collection, and excited to look towards our future entries.

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